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Customer Reviews & Stories

"WCM&T has serviced and made repairs on my daughter's older VW many times- they do very good work and always fair. I trust them to work on the car my daughter uses to drive to and from San Francisco."

– G Mack

"I have been taking my vehicles to West Coast Muffler & auto Repair for the last five years. During this time, Mike & his crew have been very courteous & if they find anything out of the ordinary I receive a call to let me know. I have tried other shops, but West Coast is the only shop I trust with my vehicles."

Very respectfully,
–Lee A. Schiocchetti
U.S Army retired

"Hello, My name is Jaysen Green , I want to share with you my experience at West Coast Muffler. I have been a customer with them for 11 years now, I was very astonished at how polite, honest and professional the owner and employees were on my first visit there.

Just by chance I had stopped there out of the blue with a problem I had been having with my car, not knowing what it was, I walked in and talked to the first person at the counter which happened to be the owner Mike, he was very polite and professional I talked to him for a few minutes introduced myself, and told him my dilemma, he told me to have a seat and he asked for my keys, I handed them over to him and took a seat. Then within a few minutes he pulled my car into the shop to take a look. After pulling into the shop he got out and started taking to one of his employees. I sat there maybe 10 minuets at the most, they had found the problem right away came in and told me what had to be done and what it would take to fix it, they where so fast, efficient and on the ball that I couldn't believe it, it was like talking to an old friend or a buddy, so they had just explained to me in detail what needed to be done and what the small cost was and when the problem was going to be fixed. An hour latter they where done and I was on my way, WOW! I thought to my self that was an awesome experience

I felt so comfortable that day with the experience that I had that I have always gone back to them since then to take care of my car, my truck and even my motor home which they over hauled at a low, low cost. They even drove it to the shop and back for me while I was at work I might add. I even send any and all my friends to them because heck, after ten years they have treated me with the utter most respect like I'm one of their own."

– Jaysen Green

"West Coast Muffler is outstanding for prompt, courteous and exceptional customer service. I never hesitate doing business with them. So many companies now have poor customer service, it is great to find a company that cares and does the right thing. They are there when I need them and always go above and beyond for us. They will have my business for a long time to come. Their responsiveness and support have been first rate and their prices are always fair and competitive. Thank you West Coast Muffler."

- Lawrence Electric, Inc.

"I have been a customer of ‘West Coast Mufflers‘ for several years. Throughout the years I have been a customer, I have needed various repairs done to my vehicle(s). I have received impeccable service every single time. Mike and his team have gone above and beyond every time and always will. No matter how big or small the job. They always make sure that my vehicle(s) are safe and reliable. They don't make phony or unnecessary repairs. I have been taken advantage of in many ways by many mechanics in the past. I am confident that this will NEVER happen with ‘West Coast Mufflers‘. I highly recommend to people all over town to go and get their vehicles fixed by Mike and his team. As long as ‘West Coast Mufflers‘ is in business my vehicle(s) will not be worked on by any other mechanic. I wish every mechanic was as helpful, honest, and reliable as Mike and his team have been to me and many others. I hope that everyone in the past, present, and future have as great of an experience with ‘West Coast Mufflers‘ as I have and always will have with them."

- Marie

"West Coast takes good care of us and all our vehicles. On one occasion they had replaced the oil cooling lines on our truck in preparation for a camping trip to Lassen National Park. On the way out of town one of the lines failed due to a defective part. I called Mike and within 15 minutes he and one of his technicians were at our location to assess the problem. He called for a tow truck and by the time we were towed back to his shop he had the new part ready to be put on. Within 3 hours from the time we called him we were back together and on our way at no charge to us. It is a real pleasure to deal with Mike and his team. I only wish I got this kind of service everywhere else I do business."

- Robert

"I moved to Ukiah seven years ago and needed to find someone to do my auto/truck maintenance and repair.

I went to West Coast Muffler and tire, after the first visit I knew I had found an honest and reliable place for any work that I might need done. I am a very particular person and have never been disappointed with any work that has been done there. I have found the pricing to be competitive with other shops."

- Steven

"We have been taking all of our vehicles to West Coast Mufflers for the last 7 years. Mike Newell and his staff are knowledgeable and pleasant. As a woman I don't ever feel taken advantage of and know my vehicles are serviced the same for a great price as when my husband takes them in. They always inform us the cost for any work prior to doing the job. West Coast Mufflers does regular inspections during oil changes to ensure our vehicles continue to be safe and reliable. Mike and his staff is always respectful to us and are happy to answer any questions we have regarding work they have done or are going to do on our vehicles. My husband and I have always been pleased and continue to be satisfied with West Coast Mufflers we will not take our vehicle to any other mechanic."

- Michael & Tamie

"I have known Mike Newell, the owner of West Coast Mufflers since 2000 when I started bringing in my restored 1950 Ford Woodie to him for servicing and repairs."

"Obviously, a car such as this is highly valuable and points to the fact that I had complete faith in Mike's experience and skills in taking care of my vehicle. In addition to regular servicing, Mike addressed several issues such as resolving front-end shake, transmission problems, broken rear springs, electrical problems, etc. over an 11 year period that ended when the vehicle was given to our son who lives in the Sacramento area.

"At all times Mike Newell was courteous and prompt when the car was in his garage. I always had a standing order that he had authority to repair any problem he might come across during normal maintenance visits. I would rather catch the problems when the vehicle was in his shop rather than out on the road. At the time of changing title on the car, the odometer showed the Woodie was driven 86,000 miles in the 11 years so it was a ‘driver‘ and not one taken to shows on a trailer.

"I would recommend Mike to friends and have on many occasions."

- Pete