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Total Car Care, Specializing in Exhaust, Smog, Alignments & Brakes

West Coast Muffler & Auto Repair works on all cars, trucks, and SUVs, including classic cars, diesel, off-road vehicles, four-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, RVs, and trailers. We are Ukiah’s alignment and exhaust specialist for both factory and custom exhaust systems. We are also a Start Certified Smog Inspection Station equipped to handle your smog test, as well as any smog-related repairs you need to pass the test. With all our automotive services, we perform a courtesy 27-point safety inspection to ensure we catch any issues before they become major problems.

Our Auto Repair & Vehicle Maintenance Services

More on Our Auto Service Specialties

  • Auto Diagnostics

    Auto Diagnostics

    If your check engine light or any service light is on, West Coast Muffler & Auto Repair has the equipment and skill to properly diagnose the issue and handle any necessary repairs. A thorough auto diagnostic is more than just connecting a scanner to your vehicle and pulling trouble codes. That’s because a code does not always indicate exactly what is wrong with your car. In fact, we don’t even charge for a code read in most cases. In the Ukiah area, our mechanics are known for our excellent auto diagnostic capabilities.

  • Exhaust Systems

    Exhaust Systems

    Your exhaust system is more than just a muffler. It is a series of pipes that run under your car connecting your muffler and catalytic converter. At West Coast Muffler, we can take care of all your exhaust system needs, including catalytic converter repair, exhaust manifold repair, exhaust repair and replacement, muffler repair and replacement, and tailpipe repair and replacement. We also install and build custom exhaust systems, with resonators, turbochargers and custom pipes, to give drivers power and sound far beyond a stock system.

  • Alignments


    Think you need a wheel alignment? Have you ever had one? Regular wheel alignments keep your vehicle running safely and efficiently by reducing tire wear, improving gas mileage, and promoting safe driving conditions. Left untreated, alignment problems have the potential to turn into suspension issues because driving with wheels out of alignment puts stress on suspension system components. We have state-of-the-art wheel alignment equipment at West Coast Muffler to handle alignments precisely and accurately.

  • Brake Repair & Service

    Brake Repair & Service

    Brakes are a normal wear item for any vehicle. (Factors affecting brake wear include driving habits, operating conditions, vehicle type, and the quality of brake lining material.) However, avoid letting your brakes get to the “metal-to-metal” point, which usually means brake rotor or brake drum replacement. Signs you need a brake repair or brake service include pulling to one side during braking, a shaky steering wheel when brakes are applied, a pulsating brake pedal, and noise when you brake.

  • General Auto Repair

    General Auto Repair

    Our goal is to be your go-to auto repair shop for all your auto service needs, from routine oil changes to more complex issues, like auto electrical repairs and transmission services. To efficiently and accurately repair all types of vehicles, we invest in the latest auto repair technology at our shop, so we’re up to date with new car systems. At the same time, our experience enables us to work on older vehicles as well. We will always tell you exactly what you need for your vehicle to perform reliably and never try to sell you unnecessary auto repairs.

  • Smog Testing & Repair

    Smog Testing & Repair

    West Coast Muffler & Auto Repair is a Star Certified Smog Inspection Station dedicated to handling smog test issues affordably and quickly for our customers. Whether you need a speedy smog test, or you need emissions system repairs, we’ve got you covered. We have experience handling all manner of smog problems, such as the air injection pump, catalytic converter, evaporative emission control, oxygen sensor, and positive crankcase ventilation valve (PCV). We’ll determine exactly the smog repair you need to pass your smog test.

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