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What is synthetic oil and should I use it?

West Coast Muffler & Auto Repair Answer:

Regular oil, also called conventional oil, comes from dead dinosaurs. Conventional oil molecules are long hydrocarbon chains of various lengths. Imagine a bunch of pencils – some used and some brand new. Synthetic oil is often more highly refined petroleum-based oil. The molecules are shorter and closer to the same length. Think a bunch of those little golf pencils.

Some synthetic oil is man-made. The molecules are rounder and much more uniform. Think marbles. So you can see that as you progress from conventional oil to synthetic blends (a mixture of conventional and synthetic) to full synthetic oil, there will be less detrimental friction in your engine. Less friction means less heat – so better lubrication and protection against wear for Ukiah motorists. Synthetic blends and full synthetics also cost more in Ukiah.

Synthetic oil is more resistant to thermal breakdown so less sludge (which can clog passages and really lead to expensive damage).

So what should Ukiah motorists use? Well, it's important use at least what your car maker or helpful West Coast Muffler & Auto Repair tech recommends. So if your Automobile came from the factory with conventional oil you could choose any type. If it came with a synthetic blend – always use a synthetic blend or upgrade to full synthetic. If it came with full synthetic – that’s what you need to use.

Ukiah drivers should always follow their auto manufacturer's recommended oil change intervals. And if you want some extra engine protection, consider upgrading to a synthetic oil.

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Ukiah: Have You Considered Synthetic Oil?

I recently saw an ad for synthetic oil in Ukiah. I really hadn’t heard about it before, so I asked my helpful West Coast Muffler & Auto Repair service professional for some background. Basically the inside of your engine gets really hot because of friction from the moving parts and from burning fuel. Oil lubricates the moving parts to keep them from getting too hot.

The problem comes when oil turns to sludge, which is kind of a thick jelly. Sludge clogs up little passages so that the oil can’t protect parts of the engine. So the two best ways for Ukiah drivers to prevent sludge build-up is to always change their oil on schedule; and to use synthetic oil.

Synthetic oil’s much more resistant to becoming sludge than conventional oil. My Ukiah technician says it has the added benefit of lasting longer than conventional oil so the recommended change interval can be longer.

The thing I think is cool is that synthetic oil is slipperier than conventional oil. Regular oil molecules are long chains where synthetic oil molecules are rounder. It’s like, which is slipperier, a pile of pencils or a pile of marbles? This means that synthetic oil does a better job of lubricating my engine so it doesn’t get as hot, or wear as fast.

Using synthetic oil can help Ukiah auto owners improve engine performance and help their engine last longer. I’m really glad my service specialist filled me in on synthetic oil. Maybe you should consider synthetic for your next oil change at West Coast Muffler & Auto Repair.

At West Coast Muffler & Auto Repair in Ukiah CA (95482) we install quality NAPA replacement parts. Give us a call at (707) 462-6920. To learn more about NAPA AutoCare, visit

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