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Check Engine Light Services at West Coast Muffler & Auto Repair in Ukiah, CA

Evaporative Emissions Control

EVAP system is to capture these vapors and direct them into the engine to be burned – kind of an on-board recycling program.

The EVAP system is a complicated network of hoses, valves, filters and such. Issues with the EVAP system are in the Top 5 reasons for a Check Engine Light to be illuminated. Your friendly and knowledgeable West Coast Muffler & Auto Repair can pull the trouble codes and begin a diagnostic procedure to isolate the fault.

With the proper equipment, your can test the valves in order to trace a blockage. A low pressure smoke test can be performed to find any leaks. The repairs are then made to get the EVAP system working again and to reset the Check Engine Light.

While EVAP s don't generally lead to vehicle damage, the fact that they trigger the Check Engine Light can mask other more problems for Ukiah if left unaddressed. After all, there are hundreds of conditions that can trigger a Check Engine Light – but there is only one light.

So if the light is on because of an EVAP issue you haven't fixed and another arises, you won't be alerted to the new condition because the light is already on.

Of course, if you live in a jurisdiction in Ca that requires emissions testing to register your vehicle, you won't pass the test until you make the repairs. An EVAP trouble code could be caused by something as as a loose or worn gas cap or a leak in a hose to problems with a purge valve of even a rusty fuel filler pipe.

When your Check Engine Light comes on, bring your vehicle into West Coast Muffler & Auto Repair in Ukiah and let us check it out. Your West Coast Muffler & Auto Repair will be able to diagnose the s and work out a plan to address any problems that are uncovered. There's peace of mind for Ukiah that comes from knowing what is wrong and taking care of it.

West Coast Muffler & Auto Repair Tech Question
On Your Check Engine Light


I’m Alex. My Check Engine Light came on in my Automobile. I’ve tried several things to make it go off but nothing has worked. What should I do?

West Coast Muffler & Auto Repair Answer

Like Alex, most of us Ukiah car owners have experienced a check engine light coming on suddenly. We’re frustrated because we don’t know why.

Of course that’s perfectly understandable: There are hundreds of reasons for the check engine light to come on – and there’s only one light.

Alex said she tried several things to get the light to go off – but it didn’t work. Her goal was to get the light to turn off. I would suggest that the goal should be to find out what caused the light to come on in the first place – and fix it.

You can search the internet and find millions sites with tricks to get your Automobile check engine light to turn off. But what good does that do – whatever caused the light to come on is still wrong. Not getting to the bottom of the problem can lead to other problems for Ukiah car owners – some minor and some more serious (and pricey).

Your helpful West Coast Muffler & Auto Repair tech can get you started down the road of properly diagnosing the problem and getting it repaired – try him first next time.

Simple Answers From West Coast Muffler & Auto Repair For Ukiah: Check Engine Light


My check engine light is on and my boyfriend thinks he can get the code read and know what part to replace to fix my Automobile. I say it’s not that easy. Who’s right?

West Coast Muffler & Auto Repair Answer

Good news – you are! Just look at it logically: there are hundreds of things that can go wrong with your Automobile. Some are simple and some are quite complicated.

Let’s take a step back. Over 80% of engine functions are computer controlled. The computer receives vital information from dozens of sensors. When a sensor reading is out of range, a trouble code is entered in the computer and the Check Engine Light is illuminated.

It’s a common misconception by Ukiah drivers that the trouble code will tell you exactly what is wrong. For any given trouble code, there are any number of faults that would trigger the code. For example, a code indicating a misfire on cylinder three could be due to a bad spark plug, a failed coil, ignition problems, compression issues, etc. Each of those possibilities requires additional important diagnosis to confirm or rule out a cause. Once a trained West Coast Muffler & Auto Repair technician with state-of-the art diagnostic tools and extensive research databases is able to nail down the problem, then he can set about getting it fixed.

A complicated diagnosis may take some time. Your boyfriend might be tempted to bypass a diagnosis charge by taking a trouble code reading with an inexpensive scan tool and start replacing parts. He might get lucky, but chances are you’ll end up spending more time and bucks than if you went to a professional with the right equipment.

A final word – a flashing Check Engine Light indicates that a condition exists that could lead to serious, pricey damage. Ukiah drivers should get to their service center or West Coast Muffler & Auto Repair in Ukiah right away. A steadily illuminated Check Engine Light is less urgent so you can get it checked at your convenience. But keep in mind that a minor issue today can become more serious for Ukiah car owners if left unresolved.

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